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Last Updated 12/21/01


Final Financial Report for Year 2001


Income – Prior to 2001 Reunion
98 Shipmates paid 2001 dues totaling                             $2772.00
71 hats sold                                                                           638.00
Miscellaneous income (donations)                                      158.00

                                      Total income prior to Reunion   $3568.00 

Expenses – Prior to 2001 Reunion

Postage                                                                               $357.05
Reunion Network (Host training)                                         70.00
Newsletter printing                                                              359.00                              Envelopes                                                                               10.63
Hats purchased                                                                    277.36
Liability insurance (for reunion)                                          245.00
2001 Reunion contribution *                                              1086.30
   *(This expense was made when the reunion bills
     were paid and was accounted for in a separate
     Reunion Financial Report) 

                 Total expenses prior to and at Reunion        $2405.34

                                      Income prior to Reunion           $3568.00                                                             Less Expenses prior to and at Reunion       -2405.34
Balance         $1162.66

Income -  (Since Reunion)
Actual balance turned over to new Treasurer,

D. J. Oberholzer by previous Treasurer,
Wayne Gaddis                                                                $2451.16

2001 Dues paid by 6 Shipmates                                        152.50
2002 Dues paid by 4 Shipmates                                          90.00
Meals paid at Reunion                                                      101.00
Returned from Reunion by Herb Potter                             73.12
1 hat sold                                                                                9.00                                       

                           New balance (since reunion)              $2876.78

Expenses - (since Reunion)
Postage                                                                                 $7.70                                                   Total  expenses (since reunion)                      $7.70                                   

                           New balance (since reunion)               $2876.78
                         Less expenses (since reunion)                    -7.70
Bank Balance as of 12/20/01           $2869.08


Note: I cannot, nor will I try to, explain the difference between the calculated balance of $1162.66 and the bank balance of $2451.16 actually turned over to me after the Reunion. The difference  is $1288.50 and I can only guess that it is due to donations unknown to myself.

Respectfully submitted,

 David J. Oberholzer - Treasurer

 Dated: December 21, 2001


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