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Last Updated 12/09/2002


Business Meeting Minutes for 1 November 2002 – Myrtle Beach, SC

Reunion President Vernon Stuard called the meeting to order at 1330 with 51 members present.

 The Treasurer presented the Financial Report for the 3rd Quarter 2002. The report showed a balance of $15,817.98

as of 30 September 2002. 

Motion:  To accept the Treasurer’s report as presented: Made by Raymond Wolf and Seconded by Howard Doble.

Motion: carried unanimously. 

The Treasurer presented a proposed form for future reunion reservations. It included all even dollars for each meal or tour  - no cents. It also included the provision that any meal which is part of a tour, such as this year’s lunch on the USS Yorktown, be included in the price of the tour and so stated for clarity. The Treasurer also requested that he have the final “chop” on the form before publication because he is the person who must deal with all reservation forms. 

A discussion ensued about the $120 per year paid for maintaining Bill Morton’s Haynsworth web site which showed as a line item in the 3rd Quarter Financial Report. Howard Doble volunteered to investigate the ISP situation and report back. Since the fee has been paid for 2001 and 2002, a motion was made to table the item. 

Motion:  To table the discussion about the fee for maintaining Bill Morton’s web site until the next reunion: Made by Vern Stuard; seconded by Jack Henline. Motion carried unanimously. 

New Business:

Nominations were opened for Newsletter Editor.

Howard Doble was nominated by Marvin Plank. Howard declined the nomination stating reasons for his declination.
Cleveland Bethune was nominated by Dewey Harper and seconded by Marvin Plank.

Vote:  Cleveland Bethune was elected Newsletter Editor unanimously. 

Vernon Stuard and Howard Doble made pleas for all hands to send “sea stories” for publication to the new editor. 

A discussion began on the feasibility of obtaining a tax free number for use by the organization to gain more favorable rates when posting the newsletter. The Treasurer agreed to send a copy of the incorporation papers to Cleveland.
(A Federal EIN number was obtained from the IRS by the Treasurer on 11/14/02).

Nominations were opened to replace Board member Bill McKeen whose one-year term has expired.  The new Board member will be elected for a 3-year term. 

Jim Schreffler was nominated by David Oberholzer and his nomination was seconded by Ed O’Brien.
Howard Doble was nominated by himself but that nomination was rejected as out of order.
Howard Doble was nominated by Bill Lyman and his nomination was seconded by Bill Lang.
Bill Lang was nominated by Howard Doble and his nomination was seconded by Raymond Wolf.

Motion:  To close the nominations for new Board member: Made by Roy Donahue; seconded by Marvin Plank.

Motion carried unanimously.  Votes were then cast for a new Board member. 

Vote: Jim Schreffler – 19:  Howard Doble – 22:  Bill Lang – 6
Total votes cast 47: Abstentions 4

Howard Doble was elected a new Board member for 3 years.      


The floor was opened for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer.

David Oberholzer was nominated by Ed O’Brien and his nomination was seconded by Tom Kelly.


Motion:  To close the floor for nominations for Secretary/Treasurer: Made by Dewey Harper; seconded by Tom Kelly. Motion carried unanimously. Floor closed.

Vote on Secretary/Treasurer: David Oberholzer elected unanimously.


Motion:  To set the term for Secretary/Treasurer to 3 years starting in 2002:  Made by David Oberholzer, seconded by Tom Kelly.

Motion carried unanimously.  Term is set for 3 years. 

The floor was opened for nominations for President.

Vernon Stuard was nominated by Tom Kelly and seconded by Raymond Wolf.

Vote: Vernon Stuard elected unanimously. 

Motion:  To set the term for President to 1 year: Made by Tom Kelly; seconded by Howard Doble.

Discussion followed.

Motion carried. Vote: 41 for, 9 opposed.


Motion: To replace Bill Morton, retiring Newsletter Editor as signatory on checks with Cleveland Bethune, newly elected Newsletter Editor: Made by Dewey Harper, seconded by David Oberholzer.

Motion carried unanimously. 

There was discussion about Ship’s Store items (hats) and whether or not a ship’s patch should be added.

Vernon Stuard will look into it, get costs and put the information in the newsletter.


Ed O’Brien briefly discussed the 2003 reunion in Cincinnati.

It will be held September 25 – 28, 2003 at the Drawbridge Inn on Interstate 75 (7 miles from the Cincinnati Airport). Room rates for the reunion will be $66 + tax = $73.88. There are many attractions such as Newport Aquarium, levy complex, Wright – Patterson Air Force Base Museum, 100 golf courses within 100 miles, gambling and horse racing and the country’s 3rd largest zoo.

Motion: To have the Haynsworth Reunion Committee provide beer and liquor for Shipmates at the 2003 reunion Hospitality Room: Motion made by (unknown), seconded by (unknown). (VCR tape ran out – paper notes taken).

Motion failed: Vote: 11 for, 22 against, 18 abstentions. No liquor will be provided by the organization. 

Motion: To send the newsletter only to those Shipmates who pay dues:  Motion made by (unknown), seconded by (unknown). (VCR tape ran out – paper notes taken).

Motion failed: Vote: 11 for, 32 against, 8 abstentions. The newsletter will continue to be sent to all hands on the mailing list. 

It was unanimously acclaimed that Ray and Reta Kullnat and their family, did an outstanding job of putting together and hosting the Myrtle Beach reunion.  

Motion: To adjourn the meeting:  Made by Tom Kelly, seconded by Henry Hillbrook.  Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned by President Stuard at 1530. 


                                                                         Respectfully submitted, 

                                                                         David J. Oberholzer   Secretary/Treasurer     

 Received and posted on the website  Monday, 9 December 2002 



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