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Last Updated 01/20/05


         Business Meeting Minutes for 25 September 2004 – Arlington, TX


Reunion President Vernon Stuard called the meeting to order at 1000 with 36 members present.

 Recognition was made of the 60th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the USS Haynsworth (DD-700) in 1944.   

All members present introduced themselves giving name and City and State of residence.


Treasurer’s Report:   

The Treasurer presented the Financial Report for the 2nd Quarter 2004. The report showed a balance of $9314.91 as of 30 June 2004.

Motion:  To accept the Treasurer’s report as presented: Made by Raymond Wolf and Seconded by Bill Hannah.  Motion carried unanimously.


Life Membership:  Dick Bailey made a motion to initiate life membership.  After discussion a vote was taken.  Motion was defeated 32 against 4 in favor.


Web Site Report:  Howard Doble was congratulated and thanked for his splendid work in maintaining the web site.  Howard honored all plank owners of the Haynsworth.  Howard told of how the microfiche of names of shipmates starting in 1947 into the ‘60’s was bought by Bill Morton from the Navy Bureau of Personnel. Howard and Vern Stuard split the cost of $100.00 for a microfilm projector to enable Howard to read the names on the microfiche tape.  Howard put all names and other data, e.g. dates served, into his database which was a gargantuan task.


Electronic Newsletter:  Howard Doble described the electronic newsletter and informed all that they must tell their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to let the newsletter through and not delete it as SPAM.  He also suggested a membership card for all those who pay dues. 


Bravo Zulu:  Bill Hannah cited Bill Hager for a job well done as our newsletter editor.  Sentiment echoed by all members present.  Thank you, Bill!


2005 Reunion:  Henry Hillbrook announced that the reunion in 2005 would be held in Sandusky, OH on September 15, 16, 17 and 18.  He has the hotel for the reunion at a good price.  The flag that flew on the Arizona will be at the reunion on display.


2006 Reunion:  Jim Horn announced that the 2006 reunion would be held in Norfolk, VA in mid September.   There will be a tour of the Norfolk Naval Base (the USS Wisconsin is docked there) and there will be things planned for the ladies as well.


By-Laws:  The following changes to the By-laws were proposed:

Secretary/Treasurer David Oberholzer recommended that the jobs of Secretary and Treasurer be split. Bill Hannah proposed that the Board could call for a financial audit of the Treasurer’s records at any time for cause. 

Under “purpose of organization”, a motion was made by Gordon Wolfe and seconded by Ken Jenkins to eliminate support of other organizations. Motion carried.

Motion was made by Gordon Wolf and seconded by Bill Hannah to accept by-laws with the recommended changes. Motion passed unanimously. Bravo Zulu to Harold Learson for a job well done in drafting the by-laws.   .

Nominations:  Nominations were requested to fill the offices of President, Treasurer and Secretary and to formally elect Jim Schreffler to fill the spot on the board he has been filling since Bob Ink’s death.

 Gordon Wolfe nominated Vern Stuard to continue as President.  Bill Lang seconded.  Vern was unanimously elected for a term of 1 year. 

Jim Schreffler nominated Jim Murphy for Secretary.  Dick Bailey seconded.  Jim was unanimously elected for a term of 3 years.

Jim Horn was nominated by Jim Schreffler to fill the office of Treasurer for 3 years starting in 2005.  Ed O’Brien seconded.  Jim was elected unanimously for a term of 3 years.

Gus Scutari made a motion to elect Jim Schreffler to the board.  Seconded by Ed O’Brien.  Jim was elected to the board for a term of 3 years. 

General Discussion:  Ken Jenkins lauded the wives for their support of the organization.  Wives are welcome at the business meetings, but cannot vote on motions.  As per the by-laws, wives are associate members of the Organization. 

Howard Doble made a plea that when new members are listed on the web site, shipmates send welcoming e-mails or perhaps notes, especially if the new member has served with one of the Haynsworth Reunion members.  Ed O’Brien suggested calling people on the database by state, i.e. he would call people living in Ohio. 

Bill Hager said that he and Nancy would try to get a USPS permit for mailing the newsletter. To save postage costs. 

David Oberholzer read a poem given to him by Sherry Stuard entitled “Once I was a Navy Man”. 

Motion to adjourn the business meeting made by Bill Lang and seconded by Henry Hillbrook. Motion carried. President Vern Stuard adjourned the meeting at 1135.


Respectfully submitted, 

David J. Oberholzer,  Secretary


Received  01/20/2005


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