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Last Updated 01/06/06


          Business Meeting Minutes for 15 September 2005 – Sandusky,Ohio        


Reunion President Vernon Stuard call the meeting to order at 0900 with 48 members resent

Howard Doble led all hands in a word of prayer and Vernon lead us in the PLEDGE OF ALLIGENCE. 

The Treasure presented the Financial Report for the 3rd qtr 2005. The report showed a balance of $12,353.17 as of 15 September 2005.         

Motion: Ed O'brien made the motion to accept the Treasurers report and it was seconded by Tom Kelly.Motion carried unanimously. 

Web Site Report:  A discussion ensued about the 120 dollars we pay a year for maintaining Bill Morton’s Web Site, and it was decided that we would pay it for one more year and the matter was tabled until next year meeting in Norfolk Va. Its also was suggested that we pay for Howard Doble’s Web Site and he declined.   

CREWS INFORMATION BOOKLET: After a lot of discussion it was Determined that this would be very useful to have a face to go with a name for a lot of shipmates. Howard Doble made these booklets up for us in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and they were great, also Howard said he would do it for us in Norfolk,[as long as the Association paid for outsourcing the copying, folding and printing].                                                                                     

Motion: was made by Marvin Timm  and seconded by Ken Jenkins to have Howard Doble supply the BIO for Norfolk and it carried unanimously. 

DONATION TO THE TINCAN SAILORS MAGAZINE: It was suggest that we would give the sum of 700 dollars, which is the hull number or the USS Haynsworth to the tincan sailors magazine. Harold Learson make the motion to accept this and Dewy Harper seconded it and the motion

Carried unanimously. 

Vernon Stuard suggest that we give the motel employees that helped us during the reunion something and it was decided that we would pass the hat for donations. 

Nominations were opened for nomination or renomination to fill a open Directors seat. 

Motion: was made by David Oberholzer to re-nominate Howard Doble for a Second term of 3 years and it was seconded by Jim Murphy, it was accepted by all.

Nomination: were opened for the Office Of President Jim Schrefler made the motion to reelect Vernon Stuard and it was seconded by Tom Kelly, Vernon Stuard was reelected unanimously for another year.


MEETING WAS ADJURNED AT 1050  Minutes Prepared by James Murphy 2006-01-06 



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