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Last Updated 01/20/07


                 Business Meeting Minutes for 07 October 2006 – Norfolk, VA


Due to our President Vernon Stuard's not being able to attend due to illness, eunion Host-t our Host-Chairman James Horn calls the meeting to order at 1400 with a total                              of  48 Shipmates present.

Howard Doble led all hands in a word of prayer and James Horn led us In the Pledge of allegiance. 

TREASURER REPORT  A copy of the treasurers report was handed out to all hands and showed a balance of $16,147.46 dollars, this balance is thru the third quarter, an exact balance will be in the fourth quarter report, which will show up in the next newsletter. There were no questions to the report contents and it was  Approved by a showing of hands. 

OLD BUSINESS   A Motion was made by Howard Doble to continue paying for Bill Morton’s web site for one more year and bring it up for discussion at the next reunion.
Motion was seconded by Bill Hannah

Motion carried 

NEW BUSINESS  Bill Hagar presented the location for the 2007 reunion, and it is planned to be held in Phila/Valley Forge in October, exact dates are not known as of now. They will be in the upcoming newsletters.

Bill agreed to continue as newsletter editor for one more year.

Motion made by Jim Horn to nominate Bill Hagar as newsletter editor for another year.

Motion seconded by Dana Gilcrest

Motion carried 

The cost of producing the CREWS INFORMATION BOOKLET was

brought to our attention by Howard Doble. He is the individual who spent

a lot of his time and energy making this booklet available for us and he

Deserves a lot of thanks.

Host-Chairman James Horn agreed to pay the cost of producing the booklets.

Motion was made by Jim Schreffler to continue the crew’s information booklets.

Motion was seconded by Jim Murphy

Motion carried

A requests for someone to volunteer to Host the 2008 Reunion, no volunteers. Jim Horn said if there were no volunteers at a later date he would consider hosting it. 

Bill Breckenridge term as a Board Member is up and we need to nominate a replacement. Many thanks to Bill for serving a number of years on the Board.

Motion made by Jim Schreffler to nominate Gordon Wolf

Motion was seconded by Marvin Timm

Jim Schreffler made motion to close nomination.

Howard Doble seconded motion

Motion carried 

President Vernon Stuard, who has served as Association President  for the past five years has decided to step down.   Vernon and Sherry have served our Association commendably for the past five years. We owe them both our gratitude.

Motion made by Bill Hagar to nominate David Oberholzer for President.Motion seconded by Gordon Wolf
David declined

Motion  made by David Oberholzer to nominate Jim Schreffler for President Motion seconded by Howard Doble
Jim declined

Motion made by Gordon Wolf to nominate Howard Doble for President 
Motion seconded by Marv Timm
Howard declined

Motion made by Howard Doble to nominate Ed Timm for President.

Motion seconded by Jim Schreffler

Ed accepted nomination ---  Ed Timm reluctantly accepted, with the understanding that with his very busy schedule, he would be calling on others when and if it became necessary.


Howard Doble made a motion to close meeting

Motion was seconded by Richard Allen


Meeting was adjourned at 1447  

Respectfully submitted,

James Murphy Secretary

Received 2006/12/08




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