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OCTOBER 27 2007



President Ed Timm opened the meeting at 1400.  Howard Doble gave the invocation. 38 Shipmates were present.


President’s Remarks:  President Timm asked all new shipmates attending the reunion for the first time to introduce themselves. The following shipmates:

    James J. Finnerty, SN (62-63)       Victor R. McElhattan, SOG3, (56-57)

    Sherwood L. Dugan, SN (53-54)   Roger H. Grant, IC3 (58-60)

Introduced them selves. They were greeted with a round of applause.

Ed thanked Jim Horn for the wonderful 2006 reunion he and Chris hosted in Norfolk VA.

  Jim announced that he and Chris will host the 2008 reunion in Jacksonville FL on October 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th.  He and Chris have booked the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the St. John’s River for the reunion hotel.  The room rate will be $92.00 per night ($20 additional for a river front room). Those rates are guaranteed for 3 days before and 3 days after the reunion. More information will follow in the newsletter.

  The 2009 reunion will be held in Kansas City MO and will be hosted by Jack and Sherry Gross in late August or early September.   

Old Business:  Howard Doble was thanked for the great job he is doing to maintaining the database and Haynsworth web site. (

  A motion was made by Peter Glenn and seconded by Sam Griffin to maintain Bill Morton’s web site, which contains historical data about the ship.  The cost is $150.00 per year.  The motion carried unanimously. One error in the history was noted: The USS Haynsworth went to the bottom of the South China Sea in 2001, not the Red Sea in 1999. 

Discussion ensued concerning the crew information booklet, which Howard Doble prepared for the 2006 reunion.  Howard explained that it was very time consuming to do the work necessary to prepare the booklet and very expensive to have it published.  No motion was made and the matter was dropped. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Jim Horn reported that as of October 26, 2007 the Reunion

has a balance of $16,028.56.  See detailed report in the newsletter.  Motion to accept the report made by Gordon Wolf and seconded by Harold Learson. Motion carried unanimously. 

  Discussion followed on putting some money in a CD or other investment to earn interest.  Consensus was that it would involve filing paperwork with the IRS and possibly loosing our non-profit status.   

Election of Officers:  Jim Schreffer was nominated by Gordon Wolfe to the Board of Directors for a 2nd  , 3-year term. The nomination was seconded by Bill Hager. Jim was elected unanimously.

Bill Hanna nominated Ed Timm for a 2nd , 1-year term as President.

Jim Schreffler seconded the nomination.  Ed was unanimously elected to another

term.  Bill Hager volunteered to return as Editor of the newsletter for another year. 

New Business:  It was suggested that a sympathy card be printed with the picture of the ship and words of condolence, which could be sent by the Reunion Secretary, to the family of a shipmate who has passed away. This card, with different wording, could be sent to welcome new members to the organization. The cost would be paid by the Reunion Treasurer. Motion was made to accept this idea by Ed O’Brien and seconded by Howard Doble.  Motion passed unanimously. 

Howard Doble discussed the reality of the dwindling number of shipmates with approximately 3000 in the database and 627 newsletters going out to active shipmates. He made a plea for a back-up person for the database and a back-up person for his website. David Oberholzer will try to get up to speed on Microsoft Access (on which Howard has the database) to be a back up. No one volunteered to be back up for the website.  

A lengthy discussion ensued concerning whether the dues information should reside in more than one place, i.e. the Treasurers data. 

Secretary’s note: This subject was discussed previously on 27 September 2003 in Fort Mitchell, KY and the minutes of that discussion are reprinted here:

Dues:  Howard Doble has indicated that information regarding dues should be forwarded to him for inclusion in his database.  Discussion was held concerning why Howard needs this information.  If it is put into the database, will it be available to all members who can access the web site?  The Treasurer explained that the information could be in a database without being on the web site and that it is also possible to enter information in the database that would require a password to access by authorized persons only. 

Motion: That the confidentially of dues payment information held between the member and the Treasurer be continued. Made by Ed O’Brien, Seconded by Gordon Wolf.

Motion passed unanimously.

Note: It was decided to revisit this issue at the 2004 reunion when Howard could explain to the membership the need for dues information in the database. 

Finally a motion was made by Harold Learson and seconded by Roger Grant that the Officers of the Reunion Committee be tasked to construct a system of checks and balances to insure the preservation of the integrity and contents of the treasury. This might include insurance and/or bonding of the treasurer and/or possible signing limits for checks drawn on the treasury. The motion carried unanimously. 

Jim Horn pointed out that the Treasurer could be audited at any time! 

Secretary’s note: In support of Jim Horn’s statement above, the following excerpt from the organization’s by-laws is reprinted:

By-Laws “USS Haynsworth Reunion Committee”

Adopted 27 September 2003, amended 25 September 2004

ARTICLE 6 Officers’ Duties


The Officers and Board of Directors may call for an audit of the Treasurer’s records of the organization’s accounts at any time for cause.  

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1513. 

                                                                   Respectfully submitted, 

                                                                   David J. Oberholzer (for)

                                                                   James M. Murphy Secretary





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