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President Ed Timm called the meeting to order at 1500 with 20 shipmates present. Ed Timm led all hands in the Pledge of Allegiance and Howard Doble gave the invocation. 

President's Remarks:

President Ed Timm welcomed all shipmates and asked for all plank owners and first timers to stand and introduce themselves. We had no plank owners and one first timer - Art Charette, ENS (47-49)

We had a small turnout due to illnesses and other circumstances, but it was a good group. 

Bravo Zulu to David Oberholzer for taking the minutes last year due to the absence of the Secretary Jim Murphy. 

Ed Timm showed the group examples of the card which David Oberholzer sends out to welcome new shipmates and a sympathy cards to families of shipmates that have passed away. David Oberholzer writes a personal note with each card stating when they served on board the USS HAYNSWORTH and -what they did while on board and forwards it to President Ed Timm who signs the cards with a blue pen which makes it more personal and it indicates it is an original and not a copy.

Special thanks to Bill Hager for the great job he is doing as Editor of the Newsletter, and thanks for the great job hosting the 2007 reunion in Philadelphia. Bill also said he would not be able to continue as Editor of the Newsletter. We are looking for some volunteers to take over this job next year. 

                    Thanks to Howard Doble for the great job he is  doing with the Website.


Thanks to Jim and Chris Horn for hosting the Jacksonville reunion.


We recognized our recently deceased past President Vern Stuard for his time and dedication to the USS HAYNSWORTH reunions, and also recognized all shipmates and their spouses in attendance. President Ed Timm admitted how easy his job was due to the highly competent and motivated staff he has. Just a little humor.

Treasurer's Report:

Jim Horn reported that as of September 30 2008 the Reunion Committee had a balance of $19,863.86. A copy of the financial report for 3rd Quarter 2008 was given to all shipmates in the welcoming package. Motion to accept by Jim Schreffler and seconded by Raymond Wolf. There was no discussion. Motion carried. The Treasurer sends out a checking account balance monthly and quarterly to the President for accountability of funds. 


A notice of renewal for our incorporation certificate from the state of Illinois was sent to President Timm by Bill Morton for renewal. Ed forwarded the information and a check in the amount of $5.00 for payment. 

Old Business:

A Motion was made by Howard Doble to continue paying the $150.00 for Bill Morton's website for another year. Motion was seconded by Raymond Wolf. Motion carried without discussion. 

A Motion was made to donate $700.00 to the Tin Can Sailor Association by Raymond. Wolf. Motion and was seconded by Howard Doble.   Motion carried without discussion.                                                                                      

 New Business:

Howard Doble relayed a request from Sherry Stuard that if the Association was planning on honoring Vernon Stuard that she and the family would appreciate a donation towards cost of a  Memorial Brick inscribed with Vernon Stuard’s name as well as the USS Haynsworth.  Howard had talked to Sherry Stuard at the request of Ed Timm in an e-mail dated prior to Vern’s death. The Memorial Brick would be placed in the Memorial Garden at the Hospice House in Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Jim Horn made the point that in doing something like that it would set a precedent and create all kinds of problems, considering the number of shipmates that had died this year. Howard Doble refuted that, stating that not one of the 16 that passed away this year had served this Association as Vern and Sherry had for over five years during the reconstruction of this Association. In discussing the matter it was determined that it would not be feasible to do something like this. No Motion or Vote was made at that time. 

Next year's reunion will be hosted by Jack and Sherry Gross in Independence, Missouri. Dates will be October 15, 16 and 17, 2009. Details to follow. Thanks to Jack and Sherry. 

Ed Timm suggested that all of us should be contacting old shipmates that we know and remind them of the reunions and invite them to the reunions stressing how much fun we have talking about our life on board and what has happened to us through the many years. 

Hosts for the 2010 reunion will l be Jim and Chris Horn and will be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Hosts for the 2011 reunion will be Jim and Ann Murphy  Possible location may be Savannah, GA.

Nomination and Election of Officers and Board Members:

Jim Murphy nominated Ed Timm   for President. Nomination closed. Motion carried.          
Jim Schreffler nominated Jim Murphy for Secretary   Nomination closed   Motion carried          
 John Sleggs nominated Jim Horn for Treasurer  Nomination closed  Motion carried.              
Jack Gross was nominated to replace Howard Doble as a new board member  Nomination closed  Motion carried.

Installation of officers was scheduled to take place at the end of the Saturday Banquet.

Good of the Order:

Howard Doble stated at the end of the meeting that he would not Host the USS Haynsworth website after this year.  NO Reason Offered!  Although he served as webmaster for nearly 10 years?

It was decided that Jim Horn would contact David Oberholzer about this. Jim said that there is another possibility. We may be able to use the Military.Com for our new website. More information to follow.

Newsletter Editor is not an elected position. Bill Hager has been the editor since December 2003, but he can no longer do it as both he and his wife are still working fulltime. We need someone to take over the duties of Newsletter Editor. We need a volunteer to become the new Newsletter Editor. If not we may not have a Newsletter! ! !

Having no further business, the business meeting adjourned at 1550

Editorial Note: After receiving a copy of the Jacksonville Business Meeting in the January 2009 Newsletter, I  edited and prepared it to be published. I also felt compelled to correct the items that have been highlighted in red.




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