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This page LAST  Updated 03/12/2014



On behalf of all the Shipmates who served aboard the USS HAYNSWORTH DD700:            

  Welcome Aboard!
This website is dedicated to the several thousand sailors and officers from nearly every state in the union that served proudly aboard the USS Haynsworth DD700, during 26 years of volatile times.
The intent of this Web site is to both enlighten those who are not familiar with life aboard a U.S. Destroyer, and to hopefully renew old memories, as well as bringing shipmates back in touch that more than likely have not seen or spoken with one another in years.

We will feature history of this fine ship and we plan to focus on providing more data that is currently not available.   We will also have an extensive Photo Gallery, including many old snapshots taken  by the crew while serving on-board, and we will continue to accept photos that are submitted to us and include these new photographs from time to time.

Our Crew Information Database includes more than 3000 names of men that served aboard the  USS Haynsworth DD700  and many of these people are well-informed and are connected to the World Wide Web. If you served aboard this ship, but are not listed or are not a  member of this association and would like to be,

In 1988 a small group of men that had served aboard the  USS Haynsworth met and decided to establish an Association, and since that time Haynsworth people have met yearly to keep the fellowship and spirit alive.  We also intend to keep you abreast as to when and where the next reunion will be held. 

There are many Web sites that provide information about the Haynsworth and our intention is not to take away from any of them.   In fact, you may want to pay a visit to our other website at:


Our FOCUS at this Website will be to feature information about crew members [both then and now], provide contact information for those that wish to be included, and to give some coverage to the reunions that take place each year.

If you served on the USS Haynsworth and are looking for an old shipmates or if you have not attended a Reunion, but now would care to participate ...we welcome you to become active! (for those of you that HAVE been actively participating and/or have attended some of the reunions, you'll want to view the online Photo Gallery and/or send us some of your snapshots, so others may share the times.)

Additionally, if you DID serve on the USS Haynsworth DD 700, we'd love to have you send us some of your old photos and added captions. ( We'll post them FREE! )




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