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Last Updated 02/11/04

Business Meeting Minutes for 27 September 2003 – Fort Mitchell, KY

 Reunion President Vernon Stuard called the meeting to order at 0900 with 55 members present.

 Treasurer’s Report:   

The Treasurer presented the Financial Report for the 2nd Quarter 2003. The report showed a balance of $9008.93 as of 30 June 2003.

Motion:  To accept the Treasurer’s report as presented: Made by Raymond Wolf and Seconded by Gus Mark.  Motion carried unanimously.

Discussions ensued on the following topics:

By-Laws:  There is a need for published by-laws for this organization.  It costs $600 to $800 to mail the newsletter to 700 or so people.  Half is for printing and half is for postage.  The USS Waldron mails with a permit for $.15 cents each.  We need a  permit # from United States Postal Service and a letter from the IRS to get this permit. All this requires by-laws, among other things, to get this number. Harold Learson drafted a preliminary version of by-laws and they will be published in the newsletter when adopted. The by-laws should have the provision for the Board to call for an audit of the Treasurer’s records at any time in a case of malfeasance on the part of the Treasurer.

Motion: For the Board to modify the drafted by-laws as necessary and adopt. Made by Bill Hanna and Seconded by Cleveland Bethune.  Motion carried unanimously.


Reunion Registration Fee:

The Treasurer recommended a registration fee of $10.00 per reunion registration form to cover the costs of the soda and snacks in the hospitality room, the honorarium to the honor guard, the DJ, tips and various incidentals associated with the reunion. This registration fee would allow the reunion to “break even” without raffles, auctions and so forth. The registration fee would be a line item in the reservation form with an explanation for its’ need.

Motion: That a registration fee of $10.00 is permitted if necessary.

Made by Gordon Wolf and Seconded by Gus Mark.  Motion passed unanimously.


Liability Insurance:

Reunion liability insurance costs $427.00 this year.  It was noted that the hotel, the riverboat operator and the bus company all have liability insurance and that there is no need for the Reunion Committee to purchase additional insurance.  It was recommended that we not get insurance for the next reunion.  

Motion: To dispense with insurance paid for by the reunion in the future was made by Gordon Wolfe and seconded by Bill Hanna. Motion passed unanimously. Addendum to this discussion:  It was recommended by Harold Learson that the Board of Directors be authorized to get insurance if it is needed.  Addendum passed unanimously. 

Papers of Incorporation:  Members were concerned as to whether or not the Haynsworth Reunion was incorporated.  Cleveland Bethune had the papers with him and he read them aloud to the members. We are incorporated in the state of Illinois and the annual fees for incorporation are current. 

Dues:  Howard Doble has indicated that information regarding dues should be forwarded to him for inclusion in his database.  Discussion was held concerning why Howard needs this information.  If it is put into the database, will it be available to all members who can access the web site?  The Treasurer explained that the information could be in a database without being on the web site and that it is also possible to enter information in the database that would require a password to access by authorized persons only.

Motion: That the confidentially of dues payment information held between the member and the Treasurer be continued. Made by Ed O’Brien, Seconded by Gordon Wolf.

Motion passed unanimously.

Note: It was decided to revisit this issue at the 2004 reunion when Howard could explain to the membership the need for dues information in the database. 

Bill Morton’s web site:  Discussion was tabled in Myrtle Beach regarding Bill Morton’s web site.  It was taken up again at this business meeting and it was decided to pay the bill as a housekeeping item to keep this web site operating. 

Newsletter:  Cleveland Bethune resigned as Editor for personal reasons.  No volunteers as yet for a replacement.

Note: Bill Hager volunteered at the Saturday Night banquet to edit the newsletter. 

Board of Directors: 

Jim Schreffler was nominated to serve as a director for one year for the remainder of Bob Ink’s term. Jim had been appointed by the President, with the approval of the Board, as an interim member following Bob’s death.

Nomination: By Bill Breckenridge, Seconded by Ed O’Brien.  Jim was elected unanimously. 

Bill Breckenridge was nominated to serve as a director for a second 3-year term.

Nomination: By Ed O’Brien, Seconded by Harold Learson.

Bill was re-elected unanimously.



Vernon Stuard was nominated for a second term of one year as President.

Nomination: by Gordon Wolfe, Seconded by Harold Learson.

Vernon was re-elected unanimously. 

There was discussion about having the 2004 reunion on 22 June 2004, the 60th anniversary of the ship’s commissioning. However, the next reunion will be held in Arlington, Texas in September and will be hosted by Vern and Sherry Stuard. 

President Vernon Stuard adjourned the meeting at 1030 hours.


                                                                         Respectfully submitted,


                                                                         David J. Oberholzer,     Secretary

Received    January 13, 2004

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