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Johnny F. Bennett
63-65           SC

Thomas Banfield
54-56   IL


Bruce Baxter
56-58   TX



Richard Bland
55-58   IL


 Bob Canfield
44-45   PA
No E-Mail


John Cochran
52-54   OH
No E-Mail


Marion Dininger
44-45   IN
No E-Mail



Kenneth Fannis
61-63   PA
No E-Mail


 James Finley
55-58   KS


Nolan Fleharty
59-62   OH

Dana Gilcrest
53-55   OH
No E-Mail



Sam Griffith
54-56   OH


Raymond Hamilton
59-62   LA

Richard Harris
53-56   NY
Thomas Harris
54-58   OH
No E-Mail




Jim Horn
58-60   PA


James Jack
61-62    VA


Jerry Johnson
62-65   WV
 No E-Mail


George LaMarche
50-52   NH


Byron Lutz
44-45   MD

Ed Maugle
44-45   OH


Porter May
53-54    PA
William Neff
53-56   PA



Richard Shail
55-59    IN


Charles Stickels
56-58   MI
  No E-Mail


Edward Timm
56-58   NJ


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