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14th Annual Reunion Report
2003- Cincinnati, Ohio

September 25th thru the 28th  

The 2003 reunion was held in Fort Mitchell Kentucky and was hosted by Ed O’Brien RD2 57-60 and his wife Kate.  There were a total of 118 people who attended the Reunion.  Fifty-two were shipmates and 66 were family and friends. 

On Friday they took a bus trip to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  The Museum had aircraft from the beginning of flight to our present day fighters, bombers, spacecraft, vintage clothing and armament, movies, and special displays featuring well-known servicemen.

Friday evening they were treated to a riverboat cruise up the Ohio River and enjoyed the city lights of Cincinnati.  During the cruise up and down the Ohio River they were entertained by a female singer and one-man band.  He played various musical instruments and played and sang all kinds of music – songs both old and new.  There was dancing and a great Italian buffet dinner.

Saturday morning the shipmates attended the annual business meeting (details will be in the next newsletter).

Saturday evening the Reunion Banquet was held in the main hotel dining room where they were served either Roast Beef or Chicken. 

In attendance there were six (6) original Plank owners.  There were 12 members from the around the World Cruise and seven (7) Shipmates who were attending a USS Haynsworth Reunion for the first time.  The posting of the colors was done by the Sea Cadets (Cincinnati branch) and the Special Honored Guest was Bob Adams 50-52 from Greensboro North Carolina, who was the bandleader of the much heralded “Can with a Band”. He entertained them with the history of how the Band came about,  as well as the experiences during its existence. Bob also performed a solo clarinet rendition of Moonlight Serenade and played and sang several other songs. 

The lucky winner of the USS Haynsworth clock was Roy Dowdy MM2 50-53. 

Sunday morning’s farewell breakfast closed the festivities.  

Many thanks to Ed and Kate O’Brien for hosting another “Successful Reunion”.

The unofficial count of those in attendance was 114 with 52 of that number consisting of shipmates.

2003 Cincinnati Reunion Attendees??
Last Name First Name Rank/Rate Yrs on the 700 Wife State
Adams Charlie Robert QMS3 50-52 Margaret NC
Baker Wayne P. SN 50-52 Betty J. MI
Bethune Cleveland W. END1 51-52 Peggy K. GA
Blackburn Foster SM3 55-57 Jettie KY
Breckenridge Wm. A. TM2/c 44-45 LaVonne MN
Burke Jr. Ronald B. SN 48-52 died 1999 FL
Connery Edward M. SN 44-45 Mary Ellen IN
Davidson John C. GM3 51-53 Lorene MO
Donohue Roy N. SO3 51-54 Gail FL
Dowdy Roy L. MM2 50-53 Elaine W. GA
Fix Richard SN 45-46 JoAnne AL
Fry George W. EN3 59-61 Deceased VA
Gaddis Wayne Q. S1/c 45-45 Eva MS
Gilcrest Dana H. FN 53-55 Evelyn M. OH
Griffin James R DC2 50-52 Donna VA
Gross Jack L. EM1 62-64 Cheryl MO
Hager Claude W. RD2 55-58 Nancy Doughtery DE
Hannah William P. FP3 53-55 Peggy GA
Harris Thomas H. RD3 54-58 Jean OH
Henline Jack R. SK3/c 59-61 Marilene F. OH
Horn James F. RD3 58-60 Christina PA
Hummel Francis D YN2 45-46 Marilyn IL
Jenkins Kenneth J. CS2/c 51-52 Maxine NV
Jenkins Harold B. ET2 55-59 Leslie Leggett VT
Jones Ronald Charles SN 57-59 Barbara A.Ann MD
Kirkwood Kent S. MR3 51-54 Donna J. OH
Kramer Gerald Francis GMG3 62-64 Frances J. VA
Kress Leland M. SK3 59-62 Carol A. OH
Lang Jr. Bernard William ET2/c 50-54 Marie J. MI
Learson Capt. Harold W. Ltjg 54-57 Harriett MA
Lueck Wallace R. MM3 59-62 Diane Sherry ND
Manderbach Richard W. SPEC 55-57 Helen M. ??
Mark Augustus J. EM1 53-55 Letitia NY
Mennette Michael E. EM1/c 44-47 Madeline F. NY
Messecar Donald R. TM3/c 44-45 Margaret NY
Moore Paul A. SN 50-55 Marie MI
Oberholzer Capt. David O.J. Ltjg 57-59 Barbara PA
O'Brien Edward J. RD3 57-60 Kate OH
Pagliaroli Rolando BM3/c 50-53 Mary NY
Perriccio Joseph M. RMSN 53-55 Patricia S. DE
Potter Frank D. RDM2 44-46 Mary M. MD
Saluski William R. GM2 52-55 Jacqueline IL
Schnapp Robert J. RM3/c 53-54 Anna L. MO
Schreffler James T. BT3/c 56-59 Bernetta I. PA
Schultz Norman D. EM2 44-45 Jean IL
Sleggs John R. MM3 56-57 Margaret NY
Stuard Vernon A. GM2 54-55 Sherry TX
Thompson Thomas W. MM3 54-58 Rose Marie OH
Ver Brugge Robert D. FN 49-50 Barbara WI
Walters Harold L. SH3 52-55 Ruth I. OH
Wolf Raymond G. BM2/c 50-54 Darlene IN
Zelesnick Jr. Edward A. RMSN 60 Virginia M. ??

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