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    The Nashville Reunion was held October 14-17 1999 ......   the following article was written and sent out in November 1999

Judge Dewey Harper 51-53, President was on hand to greet all who arrived on Thursday, Oct. 14  After checking in at the front desk and freshening up in our rooms, we then went to the hospitality room and signed in and received our name tags etc. Unofficially, around 150 people were in attendance at the 11th annual reunion, representing at least 30 states. There appeared to be a good cross-section of years represented as well as Rates, Ranks and divisions.

Thursday evening was mostly getting acquainted / reacquainted, fellowship, looking at tons of old photos, recalling old memories, and just plain Navy scuttlebutt.  

Friday 8:30 a.m. approximately half of the people met at the front of the hotel to take a Grey Lines bus tour around Nashville, which included Ryman Auditorium, Country Music Hall Of Fame and a tour of many of the other attractions around town, including many celebrities homes. After arriving back at the hotel around 1:30 p.m. we had lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon back in the hospitality room. Friday evening we again boarded buses to the Grand Ole Opry Music Hall to an evening of country music.  

Saturday, we were free to do as we chose. Some chose as we did to spend the day at Opryland Hotel, which is a marvel in itself. It is a vast complex of over eight acres under one roof. It is said to be the largest such complex of its kind, outside of Las Vegas or Atlantic City. The hotel consists of 2,800 rooms with nightly rates starting at $200 and going for as much as $3500. There were many beautiful flower gardens, exotic plants, full grown trees, streams, waterfalls and other attractions all under one roof. Much too much to see in one-day! Fortunately we brought along our video camera and shot some pretty good amateur video footage.

Saturday evening, the banquet was held at the airport Days Inn and Judge Dewey Harper, President open the ceremonies along with a few words from several of the Board Members, Marvin Timm 48-49 and Wayne Gaddis , Treas. 45- who presented our honored guest Ms. Linda Haynsworth [ daughter of William McCall Haynsworth ] with an attractive plaque in honor of her father. Following this presentation Ms Haynsworth graciously thanked all the men who served on-board the USS Haynsworth in the over 26 years that it was in service, and those responsible for inviting her and for the plaque.

 It was also voted that Vernon Stuard 54-55 would be our host at the 2000 reunion in San Antonio, TX, ....... 2001 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and  ....2002 in Myrtle Beach, SC. The balance of the evening was comprised of music played by Dewey Harper and is his band, more good OLE fellowship, then later, a professional photographer arrived to take group photos of all the men.  The chore of getting everybody together for a group shot was tough enough, but getting all of us in the range of the lens proved to be even more of a challenge. After this, the ladies had their group picture taken. [note .... these group photos can be seen in the Nashville photo gallery]

Sunday  morning All Hands were summoned to a farewell breakfast by a sound that was familiar to all, a Boatswain’s pipe announcing chow-call, by none other than Roland Pagliaroli, BM3 50-53. After breakfast there were more individual picture taking and warm bon voyages.  

We left this reunion happy that we attended and with a feeling of real pride in the fact that we were honored to have served on-board such a proud ship with such a now distinguished group of "Seasoned Citizens".  

A personal observation from my four days in Nashville was that nearly all conversations, at some point or another, one name kept coming up, that name was none other than Bill Morton, Editor and more importantly the real thread that keeps all of us together as one big happy family with his Web page, Newsletters and his regularly informative e-mails, that 60 or 70 of us are fortunate enough to have available to us. I know I speak for many when I say we salute you Bill, for all your dedicated work over the past years.

Howard R. Doble  50-52

Below is an unofficial list of names that were in attendance at the Nashville99 Reunion

Last Name First Name Rank/Rate Yrs Served  Wife's Name State   PRESENT Photo
Aakhus Ralph RdM3/c 44-45 Mickey MN   2 Yes
Alesio Carl F. ME3/c 47-50 Helen NY   2 Yes
Baker Wayne SN 51-55 Betty MI   2 Yes
Beattie Alex RMSn 53-53 Anna NY   2 Yes
Bethune Clevland W. END1 50-51
GA   2 Yes
Bland Richard ??? 55-58
IL   ? No
Breckenridge Wm. A. TM2/c 44-45 LaVonne MN   2 No
Canfield James R. S1/c 44-45
PA   ? No
Clarke Robert S. TM2/c 44-46 Del AR   2 No
Cotter George E. Yn3 54-56
NC   2 No
Davidson John GM3 51-53 Lorene MO   2 Yes
Doble Howard FN1/c 50-52 Barbara B. NC   2 Yes
Donohue Roy N. So3 51-54 Gail NH   2 Yes
Dunaway Jeff GMG1 64-65
TN   ? No
Durocher Albert J. ?3/c 44-45
MI   ? No
Evans Walter R. SMSN 47-48
GA   ? No
Forth Thomas C S1/c 47-48 Bev IA   2 No
Frasier Sheldon BM3 50-53 Kathy FL   2 Yes
Gaddis Wayne S1/c 45 Eva MS   2 Yes
George Huey RMC 58-62 Christine FL   2 Yes
Gilcrest Dana H. FN 53-55
OH   ? No
Gingras III Hugh Lt 44-45
TN   ? No
Glen Peter
54-56 Jane NJ   2 No
Guinn Julian Ltjg 58-61
TN   1 No
Hager Claude RdM2/c 54-58 Nancy DE   2 Yes
Hallgren Dan ??? 61-63
CT   ? No
Harper Dewey G Sn1/c 51-53 Virginia TN   2 No
Harris Tom RdM3 54-58
OH   ? No
Headrick William F1/c 45-46 Shirley MO   2 Yes
Henline Jack SK3/c 59-61 Marilene OH   2 Yes
Hickman Robert WT3/c 44-45
AL   ? No
Holley Richard RD2 55-57
VA   ? No
Inks Robert G. S1/c 44-45 Ann FL   2 Yes
Jenkins Harold B. ET2 55-59 Leslie Leggett VT   1 No
Jenkins Kenneth J. CS2/c 51-52 Maxine NV   2 Yes
Johnson John W. QM3/c 50-54
CA   ? No
Kelly Thomas GM3/c 48-50 Joyce FL   ? No
King David Dale SN 61-63
AZ   ? No
Kittrell Jack C Capt. 64-65
TN   2 No
Knowlton Keith RM2 58-59 Bonnie NY   2 Yes
Kress Leland M. SK3 59-62 Carol OH   2 Yes
Kullnat Raymond C. MM2 51-54 Loretta SC   2 Yes
Lang Bill ET2/c 50-54 Marie MI   2 Yes
Learson Harold W. Capt. 54-57 Harriett MA   2 Yes
Mason Chuck MM3 63-65
TX   ? No
Matasavage Willard V. WT2/c 51-52
FL   ? No
Maugel Edwin
OH   ? No
McClintock Jr. Robert LtJg 44-45
FL   ? No
McKeen William SM3/c 44-46
FL   ? No
Mennette Michael EM1/c 44-47 Madeline NY   2 No
Mielke Sam RM2 58-61 Carol PA   2 Yes
Moore Paul SN 50-55 Marie MI   ? No
Murphy Jim SM3 57-60 Ann FL   ? Yes
Oberholzer Jr. Capt. O.J. Ltjg 57-59 Barbara PA   2 Yes
O'Brien Edward J. Rd3 57-60 Kate OH   2 No
Pagliaroli Roland BM3/c 50-53 Mary NY   2 Yes
Pankake Christian R.
50-52 Janet PA   2 No
Pilong Philip EM2 56-59 Alice PA   2 No
Potter Herbert I. RMSn 52-55 Aldine NH   2 Yes
Richter Richard D. FC2/c 44-45
Robert Capt. James R. Ltjg 59-62 Shirley TN  
Saluski William

Jackie IL   2 Yes
Schnapp Robert RM3/c 53-54 Ann MO   1 Yes
Schreffler James T. BT3/c 56-59 Bernetta PA   2 Yes
Schultz Norman EM2/c 44-45 Jean IL   2 No
Scutari Costantino FC1/c 44-45 Frances NY   2 Yes
Sonnenfeld Gerard RdM3/c 44-45 Terry NY   3 Yes
Stuard Vernon GM2 54-55 Sherry TX   2 Yes
Tasker Walter J.
49-50 Janet MT  
Thorstenson Neal SOG3 64-66
Timm Marvin A. RSMN 48-49 Lois MN   2 Yes
Todd James A. ET2 51-55
Trushenski Robert DKSn 52-54
VerBrugge Robert D. SF/str 48- Barbara WI   2 Yes
Wolf Raymond G. BM2/c 50-54 Darlene IN   2 Yes

Note: If any information above is incomplete or NOT correct please advise us. 


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