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    The Portsmouth, NH Reunion was held on November 2 - 4, 2001


We had a great turnout at the Portsmouth Reunion and a great meeting was held on rebuilding to make our organization a stronger organization again. David Oberholzer was voted in as secretary/ treasurer and I was voted as your President for the year 2002. Our directors are Bill Breckenridge, Bill Mc Keen, and Bob Inks.
The winner of the Chelsea Clock was Wayne and Eva Gaddis. Wayne Gaddis who held the position of Treasurer for a number of years is from Starkville, Mississippi    

Everyone left feeling like a great deal was accomplished, happy and looking forward to Myrtle Beach in November of 2002.
We all wish to thank Herb and Aldine Potter, Suzanne Countie, their daughter, and Roy and Gail Donohue for putting on such a great reunion. Those of you that missed the reunion, missed the most wonderful entertainment, Barbershop Quartet, and Cloggers. The tours to Strawberry Banke, John Paul Jones home, the submarine, brewery were all great. Most of all the women loved the shopping at the outlet mall in Kittery, Maine.

Vern and Sherry Staurd  54-55

Portsmouth 2001 Reunion Attendees
Last Name First Name Rank/Rate Yrs on the 700 City Wife E-Mail Address 2001-R- Attended
Alesio Carl F. ME3/c 47-50 NY Helen
Beattie Alex F. RM/SN 53-53 NY Anna Yes
Bland Richard A. SN 55-58 IL Irma Yes
Breckenridge Wm. A. TM2/c 44-45 MN LaVonne Yes
Dennett Cdr. Armistead CDR. 44-45 ME Yes
Donohue Roy N. SO3 51-54 NH Gail Yes
Gross Jack L. EM1 62-64 MO Cheryl Yes
Hager Claude W. RD2/c 55-58 DE Nancy Doughtery Yes
Henline Jack R. SK3/c 59-61 OH Marilene F. Yes
Hillbrook Henry N. RM3/c 45-46 OH Deceased Yes
Inks Robert G. S1/c 48-50 FL Ann Yes
Jenkins Harold B. ET2 55-59 VT Leslie Leggett Yes
Kelly Jr. Maurice J. SN 50-53 VT

Kittrell Capt. Jack C Capt. 64-65 TN

Lang Jr. Bernard William ET2/c 50-54 MI Marie J. Yes
Ley Dr. Allyn B. Ltjg 44-45 NY Yes
Lueck Wallace R. MM3 59-62 ND Sherry Yes
Mandell LtCdr. Alvin LtCdr 44-45 MA Yes
McKeen William SM3/c 44-46 FL Margaret Yes
Moore Paul A. SN 50-55 MI Marie
Murphy Thomas M. RdM3/c 44-46 NH Polly
Oberholzer Capt. David O.J. Ltjg 57-59 PA Barbara Yes
O'Brien Edward J. RD3 57-60 OH Kate Yes
Pagliaroli Rolando BM3/c 50-53 NY Mary
Pankake Christian R. PN1 50-52 PA Janet L.
Perriccio Joseph M. RMSN 53-55 DE Pat Yes
Potter Herbert I. RMSn 52-55 NH Aldine Yes
Rice Melvin BM3 54-55 NC Jo Ann Yes
Richardson Howard L. ET3 53-55 PA Joanne Yes
Schnapp Robert J. RM3/c 53-54 MO Ann
Schreffler James T. BT3/c 56-59 PA Bernetta I. Yes
Soderberg Jerome H. YN3 53-54 NJ Lois M. Yes
Sonnenfeld Gerard RdM3/c 44-45 NY Terry
Stuard Vernon A. GM2 54-55 TX Sherry Yes
Thompson Thomas W. MM3 54-58 OH Rose Marie Yes
Vasquez John SM3/c 44-45 NY Juanita Yes
Wolf Raymond G. BM2/c 50-54 IN Darlene Yes

NOTE: The  official report of those attending the Portsmouth NH Reunion was not forthcoming until January 2003

It appears that the total attendance was 37 shipmates.


Note: If any information above is incomplete or NOT correct please advise us. 



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